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Timmy Hart Barron



Timmy is an award winning actor out of Chicago, IL. The only thing Timmy loves more than performing is his wife Tara Hazel and his daughter Una Nova.

Timmy has had the pleasure of working with the Illinois Lottery, Best Western, The Onion, Gildan, Tribeca Flashpoint College, PHP Insurance, Sprout Social, The Second City and more. 

Timmy has been nominated for best actor in 4 festivals claiming the win at the NOLA Horror Film Festival for his work in "Cry It Out" by Glass City Films.

Timmy starred in Wayne Hancock's "I Killed Them Both" which won Best Special Stuff at the Music Video Underground, Honorable mention at DaVinci Film Fest and Nominated for Best Music Video at Portland and Austin Comedy Film Festivals.    

2018 Acting Reel