Timmy H. Barron


Timmy is an award winning actor, improviser and solo sketch performer. Timmy has been seen on Chicago Fire and commercials for Illinois Lottery (directed by Jared Hess), Best Western, Alka-Seltzer, Gildan Underwear and starred in the award winning music video "I Killed Them Both" by Wayne Hancock. Timmy is an alumni of Chicago's Second City performing on two contracts aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines as well as working as an actor for The Onion. Timmy's unique ability to mesh comedy with music without playing funny songs is what leaves audiences across the country wanting more while leaving Timmy's neck sore AF for at least 2 days.

Nina Metz of the Chicago Tribune says it best: "Barron (who has a Paul Rudd-like energy and look) is just so good as a performer, not only do you like him, but you want to like him. The high production values, which aren't so complicated but are cleanly and smartly deployed (a rarity in most sketch shows not featured on Second City's two stages), give his show a sleek sense of confidence... (Timmy) riffs on self-serious David Copperfield-style magician dramatics (he readies to swallow one Dorito chip as if preparing to swallow a sword; it's rich, ridiculous stuff). The other is a two-parter that will speak to anyone who was a music student in high school, with Barron playing a teacher with the most intense stare imaginable and yet remaining entirely within the realm of the believable."





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